The Course of Indonesian for Speakers of Foreign Languages consists of two programs: the regular and non-regular programs.

A. Regular Program

There are four levels ini this program: Elementary (Beginner’s) Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level and Upper Advanced Level. Each level is taught within a period of one semester. A participant may enroll in one or more levels as appropriate to his/her skills. Before taking a program, a participant must take a placement test.

Course materials include vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Field work courses and cultural excursions are also parts of the program. In addition, the course also includes general lectures on Indonesian Studies, which discuss a wide range of social, cultural, political and historical topics on Indonesian and Sundanese cultures.




B. Non-regular Program

(1) Intensive Course

Intensive courses are demand based. The minimum course length is 40 hours. The materials for intensive courses are the same as those given in the regular pograms, except for the field work courses. However. fIeld work courses can be made available upon participants request. In intensive courses, the number of participants is limited to 5 to 10 people. The course fees include 40-hours lectures and course modules, but exclude field study.



(2) Private Course

The minimum length for private courses 40 hours. Materials and modules are adjusted to participants need Private course fee Is IDR 200,000.00 per hour.